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Luna's Videos

I love how Luna's cock gets hard in my mouth when I suck her off behind the scenes. Her cock is so good when it's rock hard and it's almost too intense for me to get fucked by her for longer than 5 minutes strait. She was so fun and sexy to shoot with and I can't wait to work with her (and have her back in my holes) again soon!
Big thank you to Alia Malia for running camera for this scene! She did an amazing job.

Added on 7th Feb 2024

08:38 HD Video | 17 Photos
7th Feb 2024

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Luna Nyx is a super-hot gothy domme from Florida! She's tall and gorgeous, with a rock-hard 8-inch cock and a real passion for fucking up dumb sluts like me. Her and I hit it off really well and I was on my knees with her lovely girlcock down my throat in two seconds flat. She' really pushed me to my limits, slamming her dick all the way as deep as it could go in both my holes. Her cock felt so amazing in my ass as she blasted my prostate at top speed. She really roughed me up, playing with all my curves and holes. My asshole felt so good that she had to pull out and bust her cumshot all over my tiny locked up cock cage, before stuffing her still cum-dripping cock back into my ass for seconds.

Added on 2nd Feb 2024

16:07 HD Video | 142 Photos
2nd Feb 2024

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