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Jean Jezebel

Jean Jezebel
  • Location: Vegas
  • Birthday: 13th August
  • Jean is a West Coast girl who receives many compliments on her eyes and she loves her freckles. She's gone to school for both biology, which she considers the science of sex.

    She also went to culinary school and loves to cook.

    She says she's a bit of a nerd, who plays video, card, and board games.

    Sexually, she's a bottom who loves to be the center of attention. She loves to get off by satisfying people. However, she's recently started to top more and has begun to enjoy it.

Jean's Videos

Jean Jezebel is exhausted after coming home from a long and hard day of work. Luckily her housewife Kelly Quell is a total slut! Kelly makes sure to give Jean the full service treatment, as well as a surpise from the oven ;)

Added on 19th Jan 2024

11:15 HD Video | 29 Photos
19th Jan 2024

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