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Daisy Chainsaw

Daisy Chainsaw
  • Location: Chicago
  • Birthday: June 8th
  • Daisy Chainsaw, a tall, sleek punkrock bottom girl from Chicago! Though technically submissive, she loves mouthing off with a smile, pushing the envelope and her own limits, and openly dares prospective doms to try to discipline her. Good luck, boys!

    She loves power play, psychological games, bdsm, filthy talk, group sex, cosplay, roleplay, rough. housing, and finally being broken after a long, intense play session.

    In her spare time, Daisy loves nerdy stuff like gaming, cosplay, anime and table topping, and also adores live music at underground hardcore shows, skating, ancient texts, and receiving attention. Please check out her Twitter for more!

Daisy's Videos

I had such a great time getting plowed by my two besties. Daisy and Smash take turns fucking my face and then my ass. Both their cocks are so big and I loved every second of it. It's playful and hot all at the same time! I hope you like it!

Added on 16th Jan 2024

18:30 HD Video | 65 Photos
16th Jan 2024

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