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Cardi Falcone

Cardi Falcone
  • Location: FL
  • Birthday: June-27
  • Cardi A Falcone is from Colombia, but moved to Florida when she was in her teens. She's got a huge, thick uncut cock that she loves to top other tgirls with, but she's versatile.

    She loves to ride cock when she's rock hard, because it feels like she's cumming the entire time.

    Cardi loves to do outdoorsy type things, she loves kayaking, which she's been doing for over twenty years.

Cardi's Videos

Cardi Falcone is a so sexy as she plays with my curvy body. She rammed her cock down my throat so fast my head was spinning. After she warmed up her cock with my mouth, she poured oil on my tits and ass and fucked my brains out in a couple different positions. When she fucked me in piledriver I even squirted a bit because her big cock was slamming my prostate so hard. It was so hot watching her cum while I laid in that position. I can't wait for her to give me that big cock again!

Added on 12th Apr 2024

16:24 HD Video | 143 Photos
12th Apr 2024

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